Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Fingerprints of God- PART 1

Yet another story of God's faithfulness to the Van Clan...

For He will give His angels orders concerning you,
to protect you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

While sitting in Church last Sunday, something minor happened that wasn't a big deal but it was clearly God ordained.  Ya know, one of those things where you just go, "that was really cool how you planned out that little detail just for me, Lord"  In that moment I realized how many of the little (and BIG things God does in my life that I tend to forget).  I thought to myself, maybe I should start a new blog where I write down all the little "fingerprints" of God in my life.  I haven't started that blog yet, but I do have another story to tell.  A story that clearly has God's fingerprints all over it.

It all started Tuesday night.  About an hour after putting Nathan into bed he woke up. Screaming.  He was holding his belly and crying uncontrollably.  This had never happened before so I did what I always do when something weird is happening with one of my kids.  I posted to my two mommy boards on Facebook.  One group is mommies of kids born the same month as Nikki (we have been friends for 6+ years now) and the other group is mommies of kids born the same month as Nathan. Between the 50 or so moms we have lots of kids and lots of experience with strange physical ailments.  Between us we have made many a correct diagnosis!

Tuesday 8:44pm
"Nathan woke up an hour after going to bed screaming in pain. He is holding his tummy and crying inconsolably. Not sure what is going on but if he doesn't stop crying soon we are going to take him in. He's breaking my heart!"

Because Nikki had felt a little off that day with some diarrhea, we thought he either had gas or maybe some cramping related to the same thing Nikki had.  The consensus of "The Mommies" seemed to be that maybe Nathan had gas, and we had some chit chat about how painful gas pains can be, although I don't know personally as I have never had any... ever!

The next morning "The Mommies" asked about Nathan and I wrote the following...

Wednesday 9:32am
"This morning he has suddenly stopped and grabbed his tummy two times and said "ow ow ow" and he wants me to kiss it and pray for him. I think he is milking it cuz he is fine in between times. LOL!

Wednesday afternoon he said this to me and I posted it because of how cute it was and we all had some chit chat about the cute things our kids say. (Hey don't judge... that's what these mommy boards are all about!) 

Wednesday 4:13pm 
Nathan just said as clear as day "My tummy is bothering me". BOTHERING?! Where does he get these things?! LOL! (He's pooping now)

He still was only mentioning his tummy in passing, not really complaining or appearing to be in pain.  From Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening Nathan seemed to be fine, with no indication of anything wrong.

Friday, Mark and I had gone out to dinner and a movie and arrived back home around 7:30pm.  As we were pulling in the driveway, Jordan calls and says he thinks Nathan is running a fever.  When I get inside, Nathan is pretty subdued, but doesn't really feel hot to me.  We take him to the potty and get him ready for bed.  He complains about his tummy a little bit but goes to bed just fine.  About 30 minutes later he wakes up screaming INCONSOLABLY again.  More gas pains?  Seems strange.  We ask Jordan and he says Nathan went poo while we were gone.  Nathan cries HARD for a good 15 minutes and we finally distract him with Diego.  We watch that and put him back in bed.  I post the following to "The Mommies"...

Friday 9:18 
Nathan was complaining about his tummy again before he went to bed. Woke up a few minutes after going to sleep screaming and crying inconsolably again. He's never had gas issues before so I don't know why they would start now. Took about 15 minutes to stop crying and then he just whimpered and is still sort of whimpering now, more than half an hour later. He seems pretty okay during the day but will occasionally stop and hold his tummy and say ow. Then go right back to playing. He is eating and pooping fine. Does this sound like gas or something I should look into further?
About 15 minutes later he was screaming in agony again.  I told Mark I was taking him in, but by the time we got him in the car he stopped crying.  I told Mark I would just put him in bed beside me and watch him for a bit.  I wasn't crazy about taking him to the ER at 10pm on a Friday night.  He lay in bed beside me and was acting fine.  He played with the dog and was chatting.  All of a sudden he rolled over put his knees under him and started to get really uncomfortable.  I decided enough is enough, we need to go to the ER.  When I got to the ER, got checked in and was waiting Nathan looked like this...

He wasn't exactly happy, but he wasn't screaming with pain anymore either.  By the time we made it to our room saw the Dr. and had a tummy x-ray he was acting like this...

I sent Mark some goofy pictures and was complaining to "The Mommies" about how kids always act sick until they get to the ER and then they are perfectly fine! We joked that I should tell Nathan to act sicker please!

But then it all changed.  Nathan had to go potty and I took him and immediately the whining and moaning started.  By the time he was done going potty he would not bear weight on his feet.  I carried him back to his room and just moments after the above video I snapped this picture and sent it to Mark...

 It was like someone had "flipped a switch" on my happy silly boy.  It was about 11:30pm and we were waiting for the dr. to read the tummy x-ray.  Nathan dozed off and after a few minutes woke up writhing and screaming in pain.  I called the Dr. in and explained that this was triggered by taking Nathan to the bathroom a little while ago.  This caused the Dr. to think that perhaps Nathan had a bladder infection.  It didn't quite fit in my mind because the screaming came well after he had gone to the bathroom.  He ordered them to cath Nathan to get some urine.  While we were waiting he sent the tech in with an anti-spasmodic for Nathan.  It had no effect at all and Nathan continued screaming "OW OW OW!!!!" uncontrollably for about 15 minutes when they sent someone else in with some hydrocodone.  They let that begin to work and then they come in to use the catheter to test his urine for the UTI.  They cath him all the while he is screaming in pain.  This was the hardest moment of all for me, because not only did they hurt my baby, they didn't even get a single drop of urine to test. :-(

The Dr. came in and tells me that he doesn't want to put Nathan through any more poking, prodding or tests and he is just going to give me some miralax for constipation (even though I told him Nathan goes EVERY day and it is loose) and an antibiotic for a UTI (Even though he had no urine to test to confirm it).  None of this sat well with me, and as we went home to go to bed I was still pondering what to do.  It was 2:15 when Nathan and I got into bed, and I did not know that this was just the beginning.  (Stay tuned for PART 2)



Allie said...

What hospital did you go to that night?

Allie said...

Which hospital did you take Nathan to that night?

Renee' said...

Allie... sorry I am just now seeing this question. We took Nathan to Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge.